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Matt Eagan – Dressage Trainer/Instructor
(USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist)

Matt is one of the best dressage trainers in the Pacific Northwest.  Known for his hard work ethic, talent and empathy for the horses; Matt has produced horses and riders that have won a regional championship, competed in CDI’s, competed successfully on the southern California circuit, won numerous classes and high points at shows, and most importantly showed improvement with the horse and rider.
Matt’s training philosophy entails a back to front approach with a soft touch. By activating the hind legs, the back and neck will become soft and supple.  Thus, allowing the horse to be in a relaxed and powerful frame. From there,  lateral movements are added to create more suppleness, strength and eventually collection.  The goal is for each horse to reach their maximum potential (from a lower level horse to a Grand Prix horse) in harmony and cooperation with the rider.  
Previously, Matt was a former working student for Hilda Gurney.  Matt continues to train with world class trainers to further his education.  Matt will travel frequently to California to train with David Wilson.  Within the Pacific Northwest, Matt continually trains with clinicians Conrad Schumacher , Shannon Peters, Henk Glijin, and Henrik Johansen.
Previously, Matt has worked with Lisa Wilcox, Scott Hassler, Janet Foy, Debbie McDonald, Lou Denizard, Wendy Meyers and Leslie Reid. 

Goals For My Horses

  • Provide a safe and nurturing environment for the horse.  This enables the horse to be healthy and happy, but also have the horse thoroughly enjoy their training
  • Work with the horse to be more responsive and lighter to the aids, thus creating a horse in a relaxed self-carriage frame
  • Work with the horse to be successful in their training, successful in the show ring, and/or for the horse to be better trained for their owner to ride

Goals For My Students

  • Create a fun, challenging and positive environment for success
  • Have the student understand the theories behind the training to enable the student to further their education in training their horse up the levels
  • Help the student create a wonderful partnership with their horse
  • Work with the student to have them prepared mentally and physically for horse shows

Goals For Myself

  • Continue to challenge myself each day to be a better rider and trainer
  • Continue my education as a horseman to become a more complete rider and trainer
  • Work towards making myself into a world class rider and trainer
  • Always provide excellent care and training for the horses
  • Continue a training program that promotes excellence, and that is fun and exciting to be a part of