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“Naturally, the first thing that I did when I moved to the Seattle area was search for a new barn and trainer to ride with. In meeting and beginning lessons with Matt, I was impressed with both the quality and professionalism of his service. Matt excels in providing individual instruction that improves both the horse and the rider. Overall I am very pleased with the direction my riding is taking, and cannot wait to see what I am able to accomplish in the future. Thank you Matt for supporting me in my riding goals!”
– Christine

“I have known Matt for many years and have followed him in his training of horses to FEI levels. He is consistent in his methodology and has produced regional winners.  Matt clinics with top professionals and continually seeks to improve his training methods which is reflected in his horses and students. He is now the trainer at Red Fern Stables in Redmond where his concern for the horses and people alike make the barn a “second home” for all his clients, four-legged and otherwise.”
– Bonnie

“I looked and looked for a place for my horse when we moved here from Austin, Tx.  Luckily someone introduced me to Matt.  The first time I met him I knew by the way he was handling a difficult horse with such compassion and firmness that I wanted him for my horse.  We spent 2 years with Matt before my horse was retired due to arthritis.  During the time that we were there Matt went over every detail  from Johnny’s training schedule to best medical practices for his ailments.  Under Matt’s tutelage Johnny and I learned so many things.  Matt pushed me when I needed to be pushed and held back when I needed that.  My nephew (also a horse rider) once said of Matt, “How on earth did you find such a honest trainer; they are so hard to come by.” During my recent health problems Matt took care of my Johnny like he was his own horse.  I never had a moments worry.  I knew he was getting his blankets on and off when needed.  Getting training, groomed and supplements.  That was such relief. I can highly recommend Matt.  There are so many wonderful things about him that you can only experience once you become his student.”
– Kathryn

Matt has been riding one of my more challenging horses that had been mistreated by a previous trainer.  Matt has worked tirelessly to help my horse gain confidence and relax.  He has done an excellent job with him and I know that I my horse is in safe, kind hands with Matt.    -Melinda

We are newbies at Red Fern Farm and are delighted that in three months of boarding at this beautiful facility and putting our horse in full training with Matt we could not be happier.  Our horse settled right in at this peaceful barn and he benefits greatly from his large stall and mud-free attached paddock.  Attached paddocks were a requirement for us and our horse spends nearly all his stabled time outdoors hanging out with his neighbors in the paddocks.  He’s got a view of interesting things — like other horses – and the fields, woods, and trails beyond. The Euro-walker is a big plus for the extra exercise it affords and the grass turnouts are terrific.  Matt figured out our horse immediately, never having worked with him before, and has him going beautifully.  It helps that the horse took an instant liking to Matt, who is a kind but firm leader whose strong training and riding skills allow his horses to understand clearly what is being asked of them.  We love that Matt (and other riders, of course) hacks out on the trails on the property, so good for our horses’ minds.  And we are lucky to have a nice, long hill for strength work.  The barn’s vibe is calm and collegial, with a great group of boarders.  -Liz