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To achieve your dreams, it definitely takes a supportive team to train and show successfully.  Below is my team that helps me be the best that I can be.

If you or your company are interested in joining us and be part of this exciting team please feel free to contact me.

Complimentary/Integrated Veterinary Services
Jill Todd DVM
Dr Jill Todd is a vital component to my training and showing program with her therapies.  Dr Todd’s services include chiropractic (Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation), acupuncture and cold laser therapies.  With her assistance, my horses are able to perform their best.

Northwest Equine Veterinary Associates
NW Equine Veterinary Associates

Dr Steve Latimer and his staff are truly the best in the Pacific Northwest.  Dr Latimer is the best lameness vet in our area and his approach to helping the horses is well educated and reasonable.  Using the most advanced treatments, Dr Latimer helps keep our horses happy and sound.

Anderson Equine Saddle Fitting Services
Anderson Equine
I have been using Dawn for the past 3 years as my saddle fitter.  With her keen eye and attention to detail she does a fantastic job of keeping the saddle fitting correctly and my horse’s backs pain free.  Her customer service is outstanding in that she will recheck with me to make sure that the saddle for my horse is fitting perfectly.  I enjoy riding in my Hastilow saddle with the Fairfax girth.

Olson’s Tack Store
Olson's Tack Shop
Mike Akers and his dedicated staff do a outstanding job of outfiiting me for my daily training and show attire.  Additionally, I will always find the training equipment that I am looking for either in the store or they will happily order it for me.  I always look sharp from my helmet to my boots thanks to Olson’s.

Tom Wright Horseshoeing

Tom has been my farrier for the past 6 years and I cannot say enough positive words about the work he does.  From making minor adjustments to help the horse move even better, to correcting truly bad feet and helping the horse become sound, Tom can do it.  His positive, can do attitude with soft touch with the horse makes him the best farrier in our area.

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